LCD Display Module

Now we have 5 "-7" series, 8 "-15.6" series, 21.5 "-31.5" series, 38.5 "-90" series, including more than 20 series of products such as flat panel, vehicle, Monitor, NB, naked-eye 3D, transparent screen, horizontal and long screen.At the same time, we have the ability to independently develop and design driver IC, TCON board and power supply, which can adapt to the products of multiple manufacturers and meet the customer's pursuit of diversification and high cost performance. With a variety of backlight system supporting capabilities and narrow frame, ultra-thin, high brightness and other special modules supply capabilities, Ostin can meet the customer's pursuit of diversification, high cost performance. Our LCD glass of display products are basically provided by famous electronic manufacturers, such as Sharp, Panasonic, CEC and so on. It has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, wide Angle of view, high color saturation and high contrast.